More Info for Wilson ’81 and ’83

Wilson ’82 class members are really looking forward to catching up with our Wilson ’81 and ’83 class members at our 40th reunion on Saturday August 20, 2022!  And while Wilson ’82 has a website, an email list, and a Facebook group for class communications, the email list and Facebook group are restricted to Wilson ’82 classmates.  So here’s the best way for Wilson ’81 and ’83 class members to stay in-the-loop on joining the class of ’82 40th reunion:

We’re working with class officers of Wilson ’81 and ’83 to post updates about joining our 40th reunion on their website and Facebook groups, so make sure you’re plugged in there to get updates.

If you have any issues joining your class Facebook group, drop us a line at and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate officer for your class.